This document contains binding rules and conditions for the use of services rendered by the NaplánujSi website, operated by Naplánujsi s.r.o., which are binding for everyone who wants to make use of these services.

Used terms: Server = all Internet services provided by the operator, Administrator = Server owner or a person entrusted with its administration, Terms and Conditions = this document, Data = any data input or action made by a user within the website.

The accepting of the Terms and Conditions by the user is a prerequisite for accessing or using the Server services. Any user, who have agreed to the previous Terms and Conditions, before these Terms and Conditions have been made public, and who continues to log in with reference to the above Terms and Conditions, is considered to have agreed to the updated Terms and Conditions.

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the user acknowledges and accepts these Terms and Conditions and all of their provisions.

The Server operator is the rightful operator and administrator of the Server (hereinafter referred to as the Administrator). As part of the operation of the Server, the Administrator provides services which allow users to upload text, graphic and audio information onto the Server (hereinafter referred to as Data). The Server services allow to display this information, to send, play, delete or otherwise process it.

The Administrator binds themselves to only process personal information of other users, which they acquire in the course of their activities within the NaplánujSi service, for processing and concluding or rejecting mutual business deals. This information may not be used for any other purposes, in particular for advertising, until consent has been given by the other party. Aside from these Terms and Conditions, NaplánujSi complies with personal information protection principles.

All Data, i.e. data, information, photos, company logos, texts, programs, etc., on the NaplánujSi advertising portal, is subject to authorship rights. Further use, changes or distribution by third persons is prohibited. Rights of users remain unaffected.

The Administrator is not responsible for the contents of ads uploaded by users. The Administrator is not responsible for the veracity, completeness and accuracy of information contained in the ads. The Administrator is not responsible for the activities of the Server service users or for the way how they use the Server services. The Administrator carries no responsibility for potential abuse of the Server services by users or third parties.

The Administrator carries no responsibility for damages incurred to users or third parties directly, indirectly, or randomly, as a result or in connection with the use of the Server services. They are not responsible for damages incurred to third persons as a result of the unavailability of Server services, or in direct or indirect connection with this fact.

The Administrator has the right to change or innovate the Server services without prior notification or consent of Users.

The Administrator has the right to change the provisions of these Terms and Conditions at any time. A change of the Terms and Conditions becomes effective at the moment of their publishing on the Server. These changes will be incorporated in the text and they will be published in the form the full wording of the Terms and Conditions. It is in the interest of users to follow the changes of the Terms and Conditions continuously.

The Administrator has the right to collect individual user profile data from the Server for statistical purposes. These datasets will contain now information based on which users could be contacted without prior request, or based on which they could be identified. Server service users explicitly agree to this.

The Administrator has the right to declassify Server user information, if this is necessary to comply with the law or if it is required within court or administrative proceedings by the Administrator or against the Administrator; in order to protect or defend the Administrators rights; or, under the given conditions, to protect the personal safety of users of the Administrator's products, which are provided within this Server or third persons.

The Administrator proclaims that they will work with utmost effort and expert care to minimize all possible risks which could arise for users or third parties when properly making use of the Server services.

The Administrator may take the following measures, if a justified reason exists to believe that a user is infringing on legal provisions, third party rights or these ToS, or if NaplánujSi has any other justified interest in this (not delaying payments, etc.):

  • Postponing or suspending of the publishing of content uploaded by users into the NaplánujSi service;
  • Removing of content uploaded by users into the NaplánujSi service;
  • Warning of users;
  • Blocking of users;
  • Permanent removal of user accounts;
  • Limiting of the use of NaplánujSi services (past due payments).

In this case, users are not entitled to any claims for refunds or any other compensation (e.g. if for reasons of rules violations an ad is rejected).

Server services can send messages to Server users in the form of e-mails, SMSs, notifying the user about requested information. The Administrator has the right to notify users by e-mail about Server services, features, operation, news, etc.

The Administrator never provides login names or passwords of users to third parties, and for safety reasons, they will never ask users to submit these via e-mail or phone.

When using Server services, users must enter a valid e-mail address and possibly other information required by the administrator, which is not of a personal nature and not in breach of law No. 101/2000 Sb., about the protection of personal information, and which is required for categorizing Data.

A Server service user is any person using the server, who have agreed to the Terms and Conditions when using the service; or any person registering and/or already registered in accordance with these Terms and conditions as part of using a specific Server service.

Users can create ads with photos. The User bind themselves to upload only such photos which correspond to the fact and current state of the events advertised. They also bind themselves to upload only such photos, for which they can prove they have the right to use without infringing on the rights of third parties (in particular, authorship rights of third parties). Photos may not be misleading and must reflect the actual state of the events advertised. Users are obligated to comply with these instructions.

Except for cases explicitly stated in these Terms and Conditions, users are not allowed to change, copy, distribute, forward, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, transfer or sell any information or services acquired on the service Server, or to derive other works from them. Users are not entitled to use the Server services for any purposes infringing on laws or these Terms and Conditions. Users may not use the Server services in ways which could damage, disable, overload or impede the functioning of servers operated by the Administrator or their partners, or to interfere with the use of these servers or Server services by other persons. Users may not, by any means, acquire or try to acquire any materials or information concerning the Server services, which are not (were not) made publicly available or which are not (were not) provided via servers operated by the Administrator.

The User acknowledges that Data, which they voluntarily disclose in discussion forums or on other automatically generated pages, can be used by third persons. The Administrator, however, does not carry any responsibility for possible unauthorized third party interference resulting in these third parties gaining access to personal information of individual users, or to their accounts, or to the corresponding Administrator database, or the databases of their partners who use the Server services, and for the unauthorized use, utilization, abuse or disclosure of such information. The User proclaims that, in this regard, they are aware of the risks connected with the above listed unauthorized third-party interferences.

The user is obligated to inform themselves on changes in the Terms and Conditions, on a regular basis. If users continue to use Server services after such changes have been implemented by the Administrator, they are considered to have agreed to the Terms and Conditions changes without objection.

The User hereby proclaims their consent with the sending of e-mails to the e-mail address they have stated in connection with the use of the Server services. The sender of these e-mails is the Server Administrator, the e-mail may be of an informative or advertising character. These activities are not considered spamming on part of the Administrator. When they no longer consent to these e-mails being sent, users can inform the server administrator about this fact using the CONTACT service in the menu.

Users must keep their passwords secret and secure access to them. They are also obligated to immediately inform NaplánujSi, if they have a reason to believe that their information has used or acquired by third parties.

The User binds themselves to check the information stated in the original registration whenever there is a change, in order to ensure its accuracy. User accounts are intransferable and they may not be used by other companies, subsidiaries or offices.

Service prices are governed and determined by the NaplánujSi price list. The service price depends on the selected price package and possible other ordered supplementary services. The payment method for the use of services is selected by users.

Invoicing is only electronic, sending of invoices – tax documents via e-mail. At the same time, users can download invoices using the administration interface of their accounts. When making online payments using payment cards, invoices – tax documents are sent right after the online payment has been made.

Users can submit queries, suggestions or complaints regarding the Server services or these Terms and Conditions via the CONTACT service in the menu.

These Terms and Conditions become valid and come into effect with the date of their publishing.